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The CC story

In 2017, Iva Sladic Keco left her corporate job and launched her own company, WakeMake, driven by her passion to bring human-centered design methodologies to more people.

Many successful projects and a global pandemic later, Iva witnessed the potential of true collaboration while connecting with people across the globe who were also inspired by the same ideas and aspirations.

In 2022, Iva and long time colleagues Brian Greenwald and Ajay Parasrampuria coalesced around a vision: to advance the transformational power of collaboration to deserving leaders, teams, and organizations everywhere. 

As a result, in April 2023, Curious Collaborations was born.

Founding Partners

Iva Sladic Keco

Iva Sladic Keco

Partner, Collaboration Design

Iva is a strategist, designer, and facilitator who is passionate about finding effective ways to bring people together, help them connect and align to make change happen faster & better. 

Iva's happy place is under, on, or at least close to the sea.


Brian Greenwald

Brian Greenwald

Partner, Brand Leadership

Brian is a brand visionary, ecosystem builder, empathetic leader, enthusiastic connector and purpose-driven executive with over 25 years of experience leveraging brand as an organizational growth catalyst.

Brian's happy place is in a garden tending to plants.


Ajay Parasrampuria

Ajay Parasrampuria

Partner, Business Thinking

Ajay draws from more than two decades of experience in strategy execution, transformation and business innovation. He is an engaged mentor to multiple startups and business ventures. 

Ajay's happy place is in Himalayas looking for next mountain to explore.

Business Design Lab

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"I understand how I can help my team precisely because everyone contributed."

Laura Ferrington
Laura Ferrington

Procurement Global Head, Natura&Co