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Take the Curiosity Pact

LEADERS! Quick question: What if there were a hidden reservoir of talent and momentum you could foster in your operation without investing in additional people, technology, or resources?

What if the team you have TODAY discovered a superpower that would lift you to new heights and accomplishments?

Would you sign up for that? We bet you would.

Well, there is such a superpower. It’s called CURIOSITY, and cultivating it as a fundamental business skill can unlock your mild-mannered (or disengaged?) team and turn them into a super-charged super group (no radioactive spiders required).

Once we get past necessity as the catalyst of invention, CURIOSITY is the engine that drives necessity to discovery to reality. In very practical and concrete terms, curiosity is humanity’s source of genius and progress - individual AND collective. And it’s a powerful yet often overlooked business asset.

As the OG genius Albert Einstein himself said, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."

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Ok, sounds great for an Einstein, but how to I DO IT, you may well be asking. At Curious Collaborations, on the fascinating journey from “Me to We”, we ask every participant in our sessions and programs to start by committing to The Curiosity Pact, an important component of the 22C Collaboration Framework we bring to our clients.

The Curiosity Pact is a set of 10 behaviors we ask every person to personally commit to and hold each other accountable for. It’s the first step to modern collaboration methods as an unbeatable competitive advantage, and without it your team is likely burdened with anchors of kryptonite.

You can do this today and unleash the untapped power of your people to solve your stickiest problems and achieve your loftiest goals. It starts with YOU taking the pact as the leader of your team, showing those that look to you for vision and direction a living demonstration of a powerful way forward.

Stay tuned to this space in the coming weeks as we share all 10 Curiosity Pact behaviors, why they matter, and how to awaken them.